Girls Footy


group shot

kicking for goal



On the 28th of August 2015 28 girls went up to the Hawkesdale Recreation Reserve to play footy. We were divied into two teams, red and yellow and versed each other. We started at 1:30pm and played 15 mins each quarter with a 5 min inbetween. It was great fun and everyone enjoyed themselves.

About Me and Games

When did you first start playing computer games- 7

What were your first games- dont remember

What are your favourite games now? Why?-

How have games that you play changed over time? Why?- more technology, upgraded games

What hardware do you have at home to play games?- computer

What is your favorite device for playing games?- ipod, laptop

Watch the 10 most played video games of all time. Which of these games have you played?- minecraft

MinecraftEDU ScreenshotCreative Commons License Wesley Fryer via Compfight