Make Money by playing Games

1.How well are some young people doing by playing games
$108,000 per year

2.Where do they make their money?

3.What impact has their success had?
they can work from home

4.How many viewers has Elliott Watkins had on youtube?
nine million

5.How do you make money on youtube and how much can you make?
60c to $1 for every 1000 views

6.What do video game players tend to also be?
game viewers

7.What is the average age of video gamesters?
33 years old

8.What prize money is being offered for the battle of Data 2?
$22 million

9.What is is a live streaming video platform owned by
Introduced in June 2011 as a spin-off of the general-interest streaming platform, the site primarily focuses on video gaming etc

10.How do you make money with
with her games with what they subscriber her $6,70 a month

11.What games does Sarah play to make money?
Call of Duty, Counter-Strike

12.How much money does she make?
donations between $100- $2000

Girls Footy


group shot

kicking for goal



On the 28th of August 2015 28 girls went up to the Hawkesdale Recreation Reserve to play footy. We were divied into two teams, red and yellow and versed each other. We started at 1:30pm and played 15 mins each quarter with a 5 min inbetween. It was great fun and everyone enjoyed themselves.

About Me and Games

When did you first start playing computer games- 7

What were your first games- dont remember

What are your favourite games now? Why?-

How have games that you play changed over time? Why?- more technology, upgraded games

What hardware do you have at home to play games?- computer

What is your favorite device for playing games?- ipod, laptop

Watch the 10 most played video games of all time. Which of these games have you played?- minecraft

MinecraftEDU ScreenshotCreative Commons License Wesley Fryer via Compfight

Drinking Water Podcast

I talked about drinking water in Penshurst and how we get it from our local spring and this is my script

I live in a town called Penshurst and we get our town water from the natural spring in the local park. There are underground pipes the connects to the taps and that’s how we get our water

Click on the link and here our podcast

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This podcat will be used by a German student radio show  


Drinking Water

home, school, farm and animals

Where does drinking water come from for the above?

Some people have rain water which it goes through into the tank and becomes tank water. People who live in the town could have town water which is supplied by the town and some people have water that comes from pipes underground that leads to a tap and becomes tap water.

Issues with drinking water?

Some people when when they clean their tanks out they could find dead animals floating about, there could be bad chemicals in the water which can be bad for your body and some people have to buy water from the shops because their water doesn’t taste like water and it could be a waste of money of buying bottles from the shop.

How do people access drinking water?

local bubble taps, tank water, buying water from the shops, taps, town water and rain