Semester 1

This semester has been fun and I’ve enjoyed Netball and Sports Day . I also did cross country, it was hard but still fun. In PE it has been fun because all we had been doing is play games.  I have being enjoying most of  my subjects this semester but my favourite is cooking     

iLapes Video

IMG_0638 (This Is Our Final iLapes Video)

This is my our group iLapes video that we made in Digtal-photography. We had three people in our group. First we draw the topics out of a hat then the groups had to do an iLapes video on what ever topic they got . Our topic was “someone drawing a picture” witch turned out to be pretty easy. First we did a drawing that did not have any colour that was good but then we redid the drawing but with colour witch I would say made it better. Doing the iLapes video was fun and easy. We had to practices the drawing a couple of times but in the end the final video was pretty good .

Apollo Bay

On the 26th of May the year 8’s visited  Apollo Bay to help there year 7 and 8 students blog. We had to leave school at 7.30am and took about 3 hours. When we got there we walked around the school and waited until the bell rang. We went surfing for about an hour and went back and had a BBQ. It was my first time surfing and all the water did was knock me out. But over all it was fun surfing. After lunch we helped the year 7 and 8’s to  blog. We showed them the basics and the difficulties. After that we did PE in there stadium. Then we went home. Over all the best part of the day was surfing and doing PE.