Drinking Water Podcast

I talked about drinking water in Penshurst and how we get it from our local spring and this is my script

I live in a town called Penshurst and we get our town water from the natural spring in the local park. There are underground pipes the connects to the taps and that’s how we get our water

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Apollo Bay

On the 26th of May the year 8’s visited  Apollo Bay to help there year 7 and 8 students blog. We had to leave school at 7.30am and took about 3 hours. When we got there we walked around the school and waited until the bell rang. We went surfing for about an hour and went back and had a BBQ. It was my first time surfing and all the water did was knock me out. But over all it was fun surfing. After lunch we helped the year 7 and 8’s to  blog. We showed them the basics and the difficulties. After that we did PE in there stadium. Then we went home. Over all the best part of the day was surfing and doing PE.

Drinking Water

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Where does drinking water come from for the above?

Some people have rain water which it goes through into the tank and becomes tank water. People who live in the town could have town water which is supplied by the town and some people have water that comes from pipes underground that leads to a tap and becomes tap water.

Issues with drinking water?

Some people when when they clean their tanks out they could find dead animals floating about, there could be bad chemicals in the water which can be bad for your body and some people have to buy water from the shops because their water doesn’t taste like water and it could be a waste of money of buying bottles from the shop.

How do people access drinking water?

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